How to Embed a QuickTime Movie in a Web Page or Blog Post
So you've decided to join the video revolution in Web publishing. But instead of dealing with YouTube, you want to publish higher-quality content directly on your blog. Maria Langer shows you how.

Cool Macworld Product: VectorDesigner
Most of the features of VectorDesigner are available in higher-end vector drawing programs, but the $70 cost of VectorDesigner is hard to beat. Moreover, if you've never used a vector drawing program before, the simple features you'd end up using in a higher-end program aren't much different than the standard features in VectorDesigner -- and in VectorDesigner, they're easy to find. Adam Goldstein delves into his discovery from the Macworld

Aperture 2.0 with Joe Schorr
Aperture 2.0 is faster, easier to use, and produces better images, says Joe Schorr, Apple Senior Product Manager. In this interview with Derrick Story, Joe explains how Aperture 2.0 meets those lofty claims. This chat covers a lot of new ground.

Legal Consequences of Co-Blogging, Part 1
The decision to blog collaboratively can have significant legal consequences for the co-bloggers. In part 1 of a two-part series, Eric Goldman examines how current legal doctrines relevant to co-blogging can lead to unexpected (and possibly unwanted) results.

Bloggers often work collaboratively with other bloggers, a phenomenon I call "co-blogging." The decision to co-blog may seem casual, but it can have significant and unexpected legal consequences for the co-bloggers. This series looks at some of these consequences under partnership law, employment law, and copyright law, explaining how each of these legal doctrines can lead to counterintuitive results. Part 2 of this series discusses some recommendations to mitigate the harshness of these results.

What's the Score? Creating Compositions in After Effects
Antony Bolante shows you step-by-step how to create compositions in After Effects CS3 Professional that will be music to your ears.

Without compositions, a project is nothing more than a list of footage items - a grocery list without a recipe; an ensemble without choreography; finely tuned instruments without, well, a composition. This is because compositions perform the essential function of describing how footage items are arranged in space and time. This chapter shows you how to create a composition and define its spatial and temporal boundaries by setting frame size, frame rate, duration, and so on.

Let's hear it for No Starch Press
I just posted a press release for Wicked Cool PHP from No Starch Press and thought it's about time I gave a plug for this publisher. They have always been great supporters of our site.

While their Mac selection isn't that broad, they do have some major Mac titles like The Cult of Mac and Apple Confidential 2.0 (written by a friend of mine, Owen Linzmayer). But they also have a lot of great books for the more geeky among us. One of my favorites of all time is Steal This Computer Book 4.0, one of the only computer books that I've read in recent years that I couldn't put down (But that's me, I've always been interested in hacking and network security). A couple of other noteworthy books for the Net Admin are Practical Packet Analysis (a great book on using the open source program "Wireshark" to analysis network traffic) and their newly released Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition (a little over my head, but if you are a Linux geek you should get a lot out of this one).

They have a lot of other interesting titles, check them out.

Wicked Cool PHP
From No Starch Press
San Francisco, CA -PHP is an easy-to-use scripting language that is perfect for quickly creating a wide range of dynamic web features, like forms, user polls, and shopping carts. It's the go-to language for web programmers in a hurry, and for good reason.

Wicked Cool PHP, by William Steinmetz and Brian Ward, is a different breed of PHP book. It's made specifically for the developer who wants to know how to get things done without mucking around and wasting a lot of time. This is not a weighty PHP complete reference or bible that threatens to take down your bookshelf and the rest of the bookcase. This is a book for coders to pick up and use, not wade through.

"We do the picking so that our readers won't have to," said No Starch Press Publisher Bill Pollock. "When we release a title, we make sure that we've pared it down to its essence, and at under 250 pages, Wicked Cool PHP is no exception. Just the meat, none of the starch." But don't let this book's lack of girth fool you.

Wicked Cool PHP offers readers a collection of 76 immediately useful PHP scripts, the brainchild of two veteran Web programmers. The scripts can be used to process credit cards, check the validity of email addresses, use HTML templates, and serve dynamic images and text. Most importantly, readers learn how to customize all of the scripts to fit their own needs, and how to troubleshoot their scripts when something goes wrong.

The book also teaches readers how to use PHP to:
  • Send and receive email notifications
  • Scrape other websites
  • Encrypt sensitive data and create a secure login scheme
  • Track visitors' behavior with cookies and sessions
  • Override PHP's default settings
  • Manipulate dates, images, and text on the fly
  • Harness SOAP and other web services
  • Create an online poll, e-card delivery system, and blog
  • Dynamic web content doesn't have to be difficult - and it doesn't have to be scripted from scratch. Wicked Cool PHP provides the building blocks for full-featured websites while teaching the techniques that will liven up any site.
Additional Resources-
Table of contents overview
Detailed table of contents (PDF)
Index (PDF)
Chapter 4: Working with Forms (PDF)

Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update
Apple released Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update yesterday and my favorite feature is this...
"...Updates Stacks with a List view option, a Folder view option, and an updated background for Grid view."
This is certainly a welcome change. Now you can have a folder in the dock act like it used to in Tiger. With quick hierarchical navigation of folders, that you look like folders (no more stacks taking on some obscure icon). Just right click (control click) on a stack icon and choose "Display as folder" and "View content as list." Not as pretty as a fanned out stack, but a much more useful way to navigate.

The Top 10 iPhone Applications
Apple may not have yet opened the iPhone and iPod Touch for full application development, but that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of great Web-based applications out there. In fact, there are so many choices that it might be difficult to discover some of the best. Ryan Faas separates the wheat from the chaff for you with his list of the 10 most powerful web applications for iPhone owners.

It's Tricky: Scott Kelby's Coolest iPod Tips & Tricks
Best-selling author Scott Kelby shares a few of his best tips for getting the most out of your iPod.


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